Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Introspective Art Workshop

March 29th, 2014 - Saturday 4pm
Join us for this powerful new monthly series, Introspective Art Workshop, facilitated by soul artist, Jeni Willing. This workshop is designed to help people utilize art and creativity to express and learn more about themselves, so they can reap the benefits of its healing power, and enhance their creativity in all aspects of life.

Not so much concerned with the end result, Jeni is more focused on the process of creating from the heart and soul. This helps us to get in touch with forgotten, lost or unclaimed parts of our own selves. Jeni has created special art projects that anyone can do, to help this process along. Everything is done in a safe and supported environment. All are welcome!

Next date: March 29th, 2014 - Saturday 4pm
Cost: $10
Facilitated by: Jeni Willing
Contact: Jeni 239-770-4736 or Rev. Renee 239-560-6314
Hosted by Church of Spiritual Light 1939 Park Meadows Dr. #1, Ft. Myers, FL 33907
To benefit The People Shine Project

About Jeni Willing
Jeni discovered her love and talent for art when she was in elementary school.  As adolescence and high school approached, she began to deepen her connection to art, as it provided comfort and even an escape from the trials and tribulations of teenage life.  She found herself using art as a tool for self expression, and a constructive way to release and deal with emotions.  Jeni was motivated by the feelings of her own creative power and began taking more and more art electives in high school.  The more she opened and exposed herself to the world of art and the many media options, the more solid her foundation became for her future in art.  

Jeni had always been a person who loved helping others so in college she majored in Art Therapy and minored in Psychology.  This seemed to be the perfect way to combine her passions.  She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Art Therapy, continuing on to graduate school where she earned her Masters Degree in Agency and Community Counseling.  While going to graduate school she worked as an Activity Therapist on an inpatient mental health unit while continuing to create through painting, sketching and sculpting.

Jeni had her first real healing through art immediately after her grandfather passed away.  She was extremely close to her grandfather and was experiencing a tremendous amount of grief and sadness.  She wanted to honor him in a way she had never done before and was called to paint his portrait for his funeral.  The night before his funeral she began painting.  She had painted portraits before but she knew in her heart this one was going to be something far more powerful than she had created in the past.  The process was deeply and profoundly beautiful and healing.  She typically use acrylic paints and this time was no different.  She had a cup of water to use when blending and extending the wetness of the paint, and also for rinsing and cleaning the brushes.  Never did she use the cup of water for the purpose of painting, only for the rinsing.  As she began painting this angelic image of her grandfather appeared, the tears flowed from her eyes so perfectly that she was able to use her own tears as she would have that water.  For the first time in her creative life, Jeni's hands and creative actions were being directed by something far greater than her mere physicality and inherited talent.

No amount of art training or education could have prepared her for that spiritual and cathartic experience.  She was not the artist, She was merely the instrument for this amazing piece of art work.  She stood proudly the next day at her grandfather's funeral with his life essence present in that portrait she had just painted, and everyone who attended knew he was there.  Until a year ago, that was the last painting Jeni had completed.  The power of the process, clearly warranted a period a recovery, 11 years of recovery.  She slowly began to reopen her creative channels. Once she accepted and embraced the reality of her gift, and discovered that it is not only for her but also to share with others, the channels and her true purpose emerged.

Jeni wants to show people the healing power that this type of creation can provide.  It is her desire to teach people how to utilize art and the creative process to reach those aspects of their soul that need to be healed. She believes that the creation process is the most important part of the art.  The process itself evokes emotion, deeper understanding and allows the soul's truth to be spoken without words.   By creating art, the soul can be acknowledged seen and heard through a visible and tangible experience. The soul will find a way to be heard. To honor one's soul is to listen to its calling.  Jeni's soul stalked her for 11 years before she listened.   It is her hope that she may be able to provide a key that will unlock the creative spark in those that desire a new and exciting adventure in healing.