Friday, April 27, 2012

ATA: Attracted to Addicts?

Have you ever noticed that the same people show up in your life over and over again? They just have a different name or a different face, but their actions and behaviors are the same.  Well, if so have a look at the following questionnaire and if you have answered yes to more than half of these questions, then this class: Attracted to ADDICTS? is for you. It will give you the tools you need to begin today to understand why you have attracted the same people over and over again and make the necessary changes to attract people who are in alignment with your souls purpose.

ATA3—attraction to addicts, addiction and addictive behavior

The Addicts’ Behavior
1 His/her mood swings can be sudden and frightening.
2 S/he seems to have no moral boundaries.
3 S/he can lie without blinking and continue to lie indefinitely.
4 His/her attitude is that the rules do not apply to him/her.
5 S/he habitually blames others for his/her circumstances.
6 S/he promises to ‘never do it again’ whatever ‘it’ may be.
7 S/he hides or minimizes the extent of use of any alcohol or drugs.
8 S/he does almost everything - from sports to food- to an extreme.
9 S/he can justify almost any behavior and convince you of it.
10 S/he has a difficult time being intimate or discussing intimacy.

Your Behavior
1 You feel guilty or ashamed because you have ‘found’ another addict.
2 You wonder how you ended up in this situation once again.
3 You find yourself being more angry than usual.
4 You have allowed the addict to change the direction of your life.
5 You often feel as though you must walk on eggshells around him/ her.
6 You are beginning to feel as though you are losing your mind.
7 You drink more than usual when you are with him/her.
8 You find it hard to believe that s/he is lying to you again.
9 You want to believe that things will change ‘this time.’
10 You worry about what others will think if you leave this relationship.

Join us for this weekly group and take a journey into the heart of relationship recovery with author and recovery advocate, Trina Hayes. Trina has authored a book called, Attracted To Addicts, along with a companion journal, which will be used for this class.

When: Every Thursday 6-7:30pm
Location: Church of Spiritual Light, 1939 Park Meadows Dr. #1, Fort Myers, FL 33907
Cost: $5 (donated to the space) Books may be purchased from Trina
Phone: 239-560-6314

"Attracted to ADDICTS? is a compelling personal story filled with factual insight about the reasons people are attracted to addicted, compulsive and other dysfunctional people.  It explores why ending a relationship with one addict often s sets the stage for getting into a relationship with another addict.  Most importantly, it give guidelines for finding a way out of the cycle through personal change." ~  Terry Gorski Founder of Cenaps,