Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sophia Ceremony

By those who love her she is readily seen,
And found by those who look for her...
In every thought of theirs,
she comes to meet them.
-Wisdom of Solomon 6:12 and 16

Sophia Ceremony

Purpose of Ritual: 
Dedicate myself to the Goddess Sophia and asking her help in letting my past negative self go.

Ceremonial Materials:
Candles - 1 black candle (dissolve negative energy)
1 white candle (all healing)
Incense - clove, eucalyptus or lemon (healing, protection, energy)
Offerings - tree blossoms
Picture of White Dove
When to perform: New or Waxing Moon
Oil to anoint
Sage/Palo Santo Spray
Create Sacred Space

Opening Prayer
 North - I call upon the earth, Gaia, to surround me with loving energy and to assist me in dispelling negative energy in my life.
East - I call upon the air, to blow into my life and sweep away the negativity.
South - I call upon the fire to burn away the negative and cleanse my life.
West - I call upon the water to send waves of positivity into my life and take back the negative.

I now ask Sophia to come into my life and show me the way. I ask her to cleanse me and remove any negativity in my life. Please lead me on the path I need to be on to establish myself as a happy, healthy, positive person.

O Gnostic,
O Knower,
of the unity of Love and Wisdom,
the androgyny of Heaven and Earth,
and of Nature and Spirit.
O Knower
of The Great Goddess,
The Great Mother,
who calls herself
Holy is her name,
cocreator of all things,
earthly and divine.
Divine Love
lives with Eternal Wisdom,
together as one,
as a child in its mother's womb.
gathers all of her children.
O Gnostic,
to you she calls
to fulfill the prophecy,
to manifest the vision
of Peace on Earth.
I call upon Sophia and her 3 daughters, Faith, Hope and Love

Take oil and anoint yourself on the forehead:
"Sophia, replace the negative thoughts with positive."
the lips: "Sophia, replace the negative words with positive."
the heart: "Sophia, replace the negative feelings with positive."
the palms: "Sophia, replace the negative actions with positive."
the feet: "Sophia, take me only on the path you lead me."

I thank Sophia for coming into my life, my heart, my soul. For leading me on the right path and bringing me to a more positive place in my life.

Closing & Release
East - I thank the air for your blessings.
South - I thank the fire for your blessings.
West - I thank the water for your blessings.
North - I thank the earth, Gaia, for your blessings.

Amen. Aho!